• Transportation

    How to get to Jiaozuo?

    The nearest airport from Jiaozuo is Xinzheng International Airport located in Zhengzhou, about 100Km away. From Xinzheng International Airport, you can take the through airport bus to Jiaozuo Haitian Holiday Hotel (
    焦作海天酒店). The tickets can be purchased on the airport bus and you’re not bothered to buy tickets in advance. The airport bus fee is about 80 yuan. Alternatively, you can take the light rail to get to Jiaozuo Railway Station. Rail tickets can be purchased on line or at railway station.

    If you take the CRH train, the destination station is Jiaozuo South Railway Station. 

    Train tickets can be purchased on line or at railway station.

    If you take a coach, the closest station is Jiaozuo Bus Station. Bus tickets can be purchased on line or at bus station.

    We are happy to meet with you at the airport, Jiaozuo Railway Station, Jiaozuo 

    South Railway Station or Jiaozuo Bus Station if you want. In that case, email us 

    your flight  or train or bus information in advance please.( ac2019hpu @163.com). 

    How to get to Jiaozuo Guest House?

    The guest hotel and the lecture room are both located in the Jiaozuo Guest House ( No. 899 South Minzhu Road, Shanyang District, Jiaozuo, 454003, Henan, P.R. China).  

    By taxi

    The easiest way to get to Jiaozuo Guest House is to take a taxi, especially from Jiaozuo Haitian Holiday Hotel or Jiaozuo Bus Station. Please show the taxi driver

     “请把我送到:山阳区民主路899号焦作迎宾馆”,and take off at  Jiaozuo Guest House, Shanyang District on Minzhu Road. The taxi fee from Haitian Holiday Hotel or Jiaozuo Bus Station is about 12 yuan.

    By Bus

    From Jiaozuo Railway Station or Jiaozuo South Railway Station , one can take bus 

    Line 37, and get off at the stop“焦作迎宾馆”.